Dhur and Jaine accept their first bona fide quest and explore more of Ardris in the process.

35 – Oh, is THAT all?

I have yet to figure out how to draw a spit take effectively. Still working that one out. Just FYI, on Friday there will be no update on account of the Christmas holiday. Hope it’s a great day for you all and I’ll see you all next Monday! Take care, and God bless us, every- […]

42 – Big Boy Words

Big boy words (not to be confused with Bob’s Big Boy, a restaurant chain fading into blessed memory.) For anyone who doesn’t have kids, you find yourself using a phrase similar to “use your big boy/girl words,” when dealing with a small child who would rather rely on the babytalk that got them through the […]

44 – The Interviews Begin

Today, Dhur and Jaine interview potential party members. Here’s a fun little tidbit: I have no idea what the gender of the character in the last panel is. No clue. Is it a man in drag? Is it a dwarven woman? Is it a really really masculine woman? I drew it and I still have […]

47 – The Look

As I write this both I and one of my five-year old daughters are suffering from a nasty cold. I have blown my nose so many times, my sides hurt from the exertion. I’m gonna go get some hot tea and see to my young’uns. Take care, everybody!

49 – Dhur and the Duckies

They say that the first year of a webcomic is like the first six months in the life of a restaurant, where you work all the kinks out and learn the rhythm of it al. When I put this particular strip together, I feel like I levelled up as a colorist, and I think it […]

53 – Dhur gets the man chair

Ahh, the man chair, I know it well. For those not familiar with the term, the “Man Chair” is the comfy chair near the changing rooms in clothing stores, where those who aren’t trying on 17 different outfits can be comfortable while they wait for those who are. Most of the time, the seats are […]

56 – Catching up, orc-style

We’ve all had these conversations – you suddenly meet someone you used to know that you’ve lost touch with (former co-worker, really distant relative, etc.) and then engage in idle chitchat, wondering how long you should let the conversation go on and still be polite. I’m usually really bad at this, letting it go on […]

58 – Life in a Northern Town

Ahhh, the 80s’. You can always be counted on for blog post titles. Next week, we learn a bit about Dhur and his family and how a good half-orc boy could have gone so.. well, not wrong, really, just slightly misguided. See you on Monday! ~Rob UPDATE: 2:54PM, PST – I just signed up for […]

61 – So… No?

For those of you who have written me to ask about the site, yes, there is some sort of glitch in the navigation menu that prevents the “next” button from appearing on any posts after February 17th. I have no idea why. I’ve written to Micheal Sisk, the guy who created the WordPress plugin I […]

63 – Just the facts

Still not sure why the navigation buttons aren’t working, but I have zero cash to pay anyone to fix it for me, so I’m kinda of out of luck. It’s weird, though – sometimes the “next” button will work, and sometimes it won’t. It’s not a case of something silly, like me not remembering to […]

67 – Where’s the ring?

Better late than never, folks. Sorry about the lateness of this comic, but this is truthfully the first self-imposed deadline I’ve missed since last September. I’m not telling you all this as justification or anything, it’s more for me to give myself a little slack. See you next week! ~Rob

71 – Dhur’s Big Brother

This past weekend, PAX East opened for the first time. This weekend I also nearly had to be taken to the emergency room due to extreme jealousy of every webcartoonist that went to this thing. People on their Twitter accounts talking about hanging out with Jonathan Coulton and Wil Wheaton, playing new video games and […]

72 – Ghar cheats death

Sorry this got posted so late, folks. If you’ve been following my Twitter feed, you know that my twin girls have been throwing up and just generally not feeling good. However, this morning? Man! Like night and day. “Daddy, we’re hungry!” Gobbled down everything I gave them and kept it down. Go figure. For those […]

75 – Race Against Time!

OK, this is a bit of an inside joke, so here’s a little peek inside the life of Rob Chambers, Gentleman Cartoonist and Father of Twins: When we give our daughters their weekly bath, whether they need it or not, we let them play with these soft, foam rubber-like letters in the tub until it’s […]

76 – Cap’n Abe

I am flying sort of solo for most of this week – Kathy is off to San Francisco today for a conference for 3 days and I’m not sure how to feel about it. On the one hand, it’ll be nice to spread across the bed and go to sleep whenever I want to, but […]

82 – Whassup?

OK, I need some help. I have no clue what to call that critter that just climbed aboard The Marilith’s Tear. In D&D, I’d call him some form of kuo-toa, but the word “kuo-toa” is intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast, and I don’t feel like getting sued. Sooooo…. what should I call it? […]

84 – Where’s the party?

UPDATE: the cartoon for Wednesday, May 12 will be delayed until this afternoon, as I had to deal with a broken Wacom tablet pen. I hope to have the new strip up by 3:00 PM, PST. Sorry for the delay folks – technical difficulties and all that. ~Rob You know, I think this is the […]

85 – The New Hire

Got it online a little late, but here you go, strip #85! After 85 strips, we now have a trio – Dhur, Jaine and Ch’p. We’ll learn more as we go on about Ch’p and maybe a little about Jaine too. If you hadn’t read my Twitter feed (It’s right there to the left of […]

89 – Triple A Approved!

That would be the Adventurer’s Association of Ardris, thank you very much. 😉 The updates may be a tad erratic this week and part of next as I and my family are in the process of moving to a new apartment. I’ll try to keep everyone updated in case of lateness, and I apologize in […]

91 – A Simple Question

UPDATE – 6/1/10 Moving to the new apartment has totally kicked my butt, messed up my back, and thrown my update schedule off beyond belief. Wednesday’s strip will be posted late – not sure exactly when.  Stay tuned! Thanks, ~Rob Jaine’s question is almost verbatim one I had used in a Planescape game a VERY […]

92 – Voices in the dark

If, like Ch’p,  you’re wondering who “Carl” is, start here and finish here and you’ll get the gist of it. Right now, my new apartment is filled with boxes, which my wife and I (OK, mostly my wife) are slowing unpacking. The other day, she compared it to a weird sort of Christmas, where you […]

97 – Fade to black…

One quick note about the scheduling of MeatShield: My daughters are now out of school for the summer, having finished up kindergarten. I want to keep MeatShield updated on M-W-F as usual, but the updates themselves will probably be later in the day (roughly 3:00PM or so, Pacific Time.) There is the possibility of having […]

99 – Who’s that Slacker?

At roughly 2:30 this morning, six years ago, I made a mad dash down I-35E to downtown Dallas as my wife was giving birth (she had already been hospitalized about a week previous) and met two of the most important people in my life. Today, my twin girls are turning six years old. Tomorrow will […]

117 – Any port in a storm…

Ahhh, it’s almost over, folks. By that, I mean, summer vacation is almost over and my twin girls start first grade next Thursday! Yay! You know that ad for Office Depot, where the dad is dancing in the aisles, buying school supplies for his two kids, who’re just shuffling their feet, while that Christmas song […]

120 – So, what’d I miss?

I barely survived the first day of school for my daughters. They were both entering first grade and I figured, “hey, great, I’ll have time to myself in the mornings again!” I forgot one little detail: The energy levels of two over-excited 6 year olds going back to school. Whatever time I got to myself […]

125 – Jaine lays down the law

Well, according to the emails I’ve received, the archive problem is persisting. Apparently, I need to replace the theme I’m using with the most up-to-date version of Inkblot, version #3. This means, that over the next week or so, you may find the site in disarray. I apologize for this ahead of time. Wish me […]

127 – Pack it up, guys!

Ah! Blessed relief! The heatwave in Southern California is over! For now, anyways. OK. There’s this event that I want to go to called The New England Webcomics Weekend in western Massachusetts. It’s a two-day kind of seminar/workshop/networking thing for cartoonists that publish their work solely on the web. The very first one was last […]

131 – Snowballs in Heck

Although this post is a day late (darn that calendar!), let me make the following announcement: MEATSHIELD IS NOW ONE YEAR OLD! On September 9th, 2009, I staggered my way into the webcomics scene with a big dumb half-orc who took up swinging an axe instead of welding and it’s been a great ride since. […]

134 – Escaped!

C’mon, you guys didn’t think getting rid of Jonus was going to be that easy, did you?  😉 See you on Monday! ~Rob P.S. A fix to the archiving problem is in sight! Stay tuned… or whatever the rough internet equivalent for that outdated saying is. You know what I mean.

135 – Going somewhere?

Man, I pushed the deadline today – just made it. For new readers, I have a self-imposed deadline of 3:30PM PST. It’s 3:24 as I write this. Yay me! See you on Wednesday! ~Rob UPDATE: Just found out that the strip did not post, for some reason. Not sure why. I have re-published it to […]

136 – Fire it up!

Still working out the kinks on the site – so far, the archiving looks good, it’s just that the blog posts are being shunted down here. Not sure how to fix it. Stay tuned. UPDATE: OK, the archiving still seems to be buggy. Dang it! EVEN FURTHER UPDATE: There! That fixed it! Thanks, Amanda! Hopefully, […]

137 – Parting Shots

I’m sorry for the lateness of today’s strip – I really really really really want a new computer. One that doesn’t feel like it has a gerbil on a wheel providing computing power. I tried doing today’s strip completely on the computer and it took FOREVER! Whew. OK, I’m out of here. Have a great […]

140 – Time to face the music

And now, in a continuing service, an entry from the Encyclopedia Ardrisia. Westhame Westhame is one of the largest and most ethnically diverse countries on the continent of Ardris. Westhame was discovered over 450 years ago by a ragtag band of explorers and adventurers from the area that would later become the Imperial Protectorate of […]

141 – The Verdict

Yep. You don’t mess with the King. He’ll sic Red and the rest of the Memphis Mafia on you and… whoops. Wait. Wrong King. Same fashion sense,though 😉 I really like how this came out, especially the close-up on King Franz.

142 – I can haz royal charter?

OK, that’ll be the first and only time I’ll use the LOLCat “I can haz…” line. Just seemed to work for today’s strip. Promise and cross my heart. Hmm, I wonder what this new development will mean for our heroes? No, seriously, I wonder. I really need to write farther ahead…. 😉 Just kidding, it’s […]