128 – Hey, ask your dad if he wants some peeled grapes!

My exile is almost over. My wife is on her way home today from a 4-night business trip. Mind you, I’m a stay-at-home dad, so me watching the kids all day and night is just basically like working overtime, so it’s no problem. However, it’s working overtime at a job where you get to watch two little girls put on their “ballerina karate show” (read: a lot of jumping around and going “Ta Dah! and “Hi-Yaa!””), so life could be a lot worse.

Just a quick note: There will be no cartoon on Monday, September 6th, as it is Labor Day and my in-laws are visiting from Texas. Looking forward to getting me some beef brisket from my mother-in-law. Mmmmmm…..brisket. 🙂

See you Friday!