Against the Gravel Giants – Book Two of the MeatShield Collection


The adventures of the Unnamed Royal Adventuring Company #47 continue in the second MeatShield collection! Come along as Dhur, Jaine and Ch’p journey to far–off lands, meet new allies and old enemies, battle inbred giants, and discover a plot to release upon the world an evil from the early afternoon of time! Includes more entries from the Encyclopedia Ardrisia, Pathfinder™ Roleplaying Game stats for the whole gang, a new and improved map of the world of Ardris, plus a rundown on the Gods of Ardris, not to be found anywhere on the website!

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The Quest for the Scepter Thingie – Book One of the MeatShield Collection

The Quest for the Scepter Thingie

Barbarians, Bards and Monks, oh my! The Quest for the Scepter Thingie is the first print collection of the funny fantasy webcomic MeatShield! In these pages you will find the story of Dhur, mighty half-orc barbarian and the fiercest knitter this side of the Duchy of Nitsu’a; Jaine, beautiful half-elven bard (OK, bardic graduate student) and Ch’P, halfling monk and pastry chef of the sacred Order of the W’Shaa. Join them as they brave dark catacombs, fight cultists, recover arcane artifacts and rescue sullen emo princes!

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