Patreon Wall of Awesome

The Adventurer’s Wall of Awesome!

Glory. Honor. Endorsement deals. Many are the reasons a person will take up the mantle of “adventurer.” Those who do are commemorated here upon the Adventurer’s Wall of Awesome, a testament to their strength of character and generosity of spirit. That, and their desire to help MeatShield stick around by supporting it on Patreon. Anyone who contributes $2 or more per month to the MeatShield Patreon campaign will be recognized here, along with the class (read: donation level) that they chose. Doff your hats in respect and hoist a tankard to their selflessness!

(Names listed alphabetically)

Paul Cardeñas (Monk)

Crystal (Bard)

DarkWaterSong (Bard)

Foradain (Archmage)

Janessa Ravenwood (Archmage)

David Mitchell (Bard)

Scott Simpson (Bard)