102 – I don’t suppose that she smells of brimstone bothers you either?

Grr. Arrgh.

There is one thing about doing a webcomic that just gives me fits, and that’s the actual website management part of it. The last time I made a webpage on my own, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), a key component of almost all webpages today, hadn’t been invented yet. Today, I upgraded my Content Management System (CMS) from WebComic 2.1 to 3.0. I did that at roughly 12:00PM, Pacific time. It is 5:15 PM as of this writing and I only now just got the site back up and running, thanks to the timely help of Mr. Micheal Sisk, the creator of WebComic.

Now that this is fixed, I can try to become a normal human being again, instead of the grumpy, easily irritated creature I’ve been for the past several hours.