101 – Do you think she’ll go out with me?

Inside the Cartoonist’s Studio…

When I first started drawing cartoons, I didn’t want to do comic strips. I wanted to draw comic books, and I had sketchbooks full of guys flying through the air with clenched fists or power blasts emanating from their hands. What I didn’t have at all were pictures of women. Like a lot of cartoonists, it’s easier for me to draw men because it’s like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, all straight lines and angles. Women tend towards flowing, curved lines – much more difficult. For the longest time I couldn’t draw women and that crippled my progress – until I started a webcomic that had as one of its leads a woman and I had to learn. So, without further ado, here’s a little piece from the sketchbook:

I seem to have gotten over that hump. No pun intended.

See you on Monday!