83 – Crouching Half-Orc, Hidden Halfling

OK, back to normalcy, or at least as close to it as I get.  My mom is home and resting comfortably after having had an weird asthma/diabetic attack while en route to meet friends in South Carolina. Their bags made it all the way to South Carolina, though – their luggage had a better trip than my folks did. Here’s how weird my mom’s attack was: nobody at Resurrection Hospital in Chicago (where her flight had a stop-over at) has any clue to this day exactly what happened to her. Lots of theories (mostly involving her blood pressure while in flight  and her blood sugar level) including the concept of a mini-stroke. Who knows? All I know is, I was thankful that none of the worst case scenarios that ran through in my head ever came to pass.

On to happier news, then. The winner of the “Name the Critter” contest for the winning entry, “Mercroians,” is…

Raymond P. of Lewisville, Texas!

Ray, your requested sketch of Dhur working at Hot Dog On A Stick (heh???) will be on its way to your inbox by next Friday.

That oughta do it for me. See you on Monday!