84 – Where’s the party?

UPDATE: the cartoon for Wednesday, May 12 will be delayed until this afternoon, as I had to deal with a broken Wacom tablet pen. I hope to have the new strip up by 3:00 PM, PST. Sorry for the delay folks – technical difficulties and all that.


You know, I think this is the first time in this strip that I’ve actually shown anyone fighting. I’ve hinted at it, it’s happened off camera or whatever, but here you go: the first bit o’ violence depicted in MeatShield and it’s a halfling monk kicking the crap out of a sea-serpent man-thing. Using some funky martial arts technique called “Seven Weasel Kick.” You’re welcome.

You know what’s even weirder? When you’re at church and the very nice little old ladies there ask what you do and you have to explain what the word “MeatShield” means. Fun times. Happened twice the past week.

See you on Wednesday,