46 – Yea, though we walk through the valley of cheesesteaks…

I had a little too much fun with Carl’s “religion.” I kept making up things that he would spout off and dig himself even deeper into a hole, things like, “With the Second Coming of Jared, Master of Subs and Morrie’s right hand, we shall dine forever upon the grinder of goodness and… ummm… Yeah. Like that.” I had to cut the rest of it for space. Maybe Morrie will make himself known again someday.;)

BTW, if you’re in a podcast listening mood, there’s a great podcast done by the guys over at Major Spoilers called Critical Hits, which follows the game sessions of a bunch of players and is reliably funny. One of the characters is a half-orc named Halston Torquelson the Third, but everybody just calls him Torq. One of the main thrusts of the podcast is to make it accessible for people who haven’t played D&D in years or have never played it. Go check ’em out and tell them Dhur sent ya. 🙂