108 – Like she’s left anything to the imagination…

Back in September of ’09, I decided that MeatShield would be a SFW strip – that is,” Safe For Work”, where if your boss saw you reading it or they combed your web usage logs at work, you wouldn’t have any uncomfortable questions to answer. Not necessarily a “family friendly” strip, but I decided that I wouldn’t draw or write anything that you couldn’t see in a PG movie, for example. I want to keep it that way, but in today’s strip, “boobies” just seemed to fit, both as a pre-punchline punchline, and for it to come out of Jonus’ mouth, who in my mind is this petulant 15  year-old that just wants… well, what most 15 year-old guys want.

Mind you, I’m not apologizing for this strip, I just thought it was a good time to mention all this.

Also, sorry this strip was so late. I shall now go crawl into the Box of Shame 😉