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As part of a continuing public service, we now bring you an entry from the Encyclopedia Ardrisia:

The Imperial Protectorate of Gahl-Nabar

Long ago, The Great Empire of Kunac ruled a vast continent across the Banir Ocean. The Empire kept expanding and expanding, eventually discovering the continent of Ardris. It was then that they established the Imperial Protectorate of Gahl-Nabar and laid claim to all of eastern Ardris.  20 years later, the Empire fell. No one knows why or how it fell, as communications between the Empire and its outlying territories had deterioriated long ago.

The fall of the empire did not, however, faze the citizens of The Imperial Protectorate (or “IP”, as its citizens call it). Some call it stubbornly refusing to admit defeat, some call it not having any better idea of what to do – regardless of opinion, the IP has retained the laws and customs of the Empire along with its name, despite the fact that the Empire is no more and “Gahl-Nabar”, while being the name of the Emperor when the country was founded, is also unfortunately phonetically close to the Elvish term for “nighttime gas pains.”

The IP still operates under Imperial Law, which is known for many odd laws, some of which include the laws regarding marriage. An example of IP marriage law is that only the woman’s consent is required for an engagement towards marriage. Another is that while the bride is responsible for organizing the wedding, the groom is responsible for all expenses involved in said wedding.

Many older (formerly wealthy) families are firmly of the belief that the stories of the Empire’s fall are grossly overstated and that one day the Empire will return and we’d better make sure that we keep the place up or we won’t get our deposit back. These people are generally ignored by the rest of the IP.

The IP is blessed with numerous lakes, abundant farmland and truly astounding dairies. Politically, the IP maintains a neutral stance in all conflicts among its neighbors, such as the recent border wars between Tarokka and Val’Dhar.

The Encyclopedia Ardrisia , volume 13 (Huward’s Folly to Junglerot), Kilanio University Press, 48th edition.