68 – Tugboat Mona, they call her… in a good way

OK, I have a question for anyone out there that has a Twitter account: am I the only one that keeps getting these notices that say “FredSoAndSo1234″ is now following you on Twitter!” and the account in question has no one following them, has one tweet, and is following over 800 people? Oh, and they’ve had their Twitter account suspended due to “strange activity.’ Hello? I know this is some sort of marketing thing, I just have no idea how it works or why anyone would even bother. I don’t shed a tear when I block them and report them for spam, though, because in all likelihood it’s not even a human being but some script somewhere churning out all these fake Twitter accounts. Grrr. That being said, I do have a Twitter feed that I update on a daily basis and you can find the link to the left of this blog post.

Oooo! Check this out, though – there’s this great fantasy-based webcomic called Legend of Bill by Dave Reddick that I’ve been a big fan of since it came out. Anyways, I sent Dave a friend request on Facebook and along with the confirmation, I got this very encouraging message:

David Reddick
March 19, 2010 at 4:17pm
Subject: Hey dude!
HA! Just checked out your comic. HILARIOUS!!! Love the art too. Thanks for the add, man! 😉
That made my day, right there. When you’re done reading MeatShield, go check Legend of Bill out, and tell ’em Dhur sent you!