130 – Ooh! Can you make me an Apple Brown Betty?

Not sure what the big deal is? Well, then, here is an encore excerpt from the Encyclopedia Ardrisia…

The W’Shaa

In the remote mountains of Westhame lies a hidden monastery where enlightenment is sought. Enlightenment and really kickin’ cookie recipes. The Order of the W’Shaa make it their sacred quest to bring the light of knowledge, the healing power of hope, and the delight of icebox cookies (among others) to the world. Many and varied are the secrets that the W’Shaa hold – longevity, healing, the ability to kill or stun with the slightest touch, even leaping astonishing heights without even a running start. Despite their short stature, the halflings of the W’Shaa are respected in most lands for their fighting prowess, their dedication to a strict moral code, and their  apple brown betties. Seriously. You should try them. They’re good.

Once a W’Shaa monk reaches the age of 20, he or she is sent out into the world on what is called “Fielding,” where they are to learn all they can of the outside world, battle evil where it is found, and discover new recipes for the W’Shaa Cookbook of Light. Most usually return with tales of thwarting the undead, rampaging orc hordes or truly horrible ginger snaps that needed to be not burned but rather exorcised. The most famous of the W’Shaa,  Amos, disappeared several years ago. It is believed that he will come again someday to stand against the darkness with his trusty staff of power and his macadamia nut caramel bars. May we all live to see the day.

The Encyclopedia Ardrisia , volume 48 (V’nger to Warlords of Tope), Kilanio University Press, 48th edition.