53 – Dhur gets the man chair

Ahh, the man chair, I know it well. For those not familiar with the term, the “Man Chair” is the comfy chair near the changing rooms in clothing stores, where those who aren’t trying on 17 different outfits can be comfortable while they wait for those who are. Most of the time, the seats are comfortable (there are exceptions – JC Penney’s, I’m looking at you) and it makes the wait more bearable. I’m married and I have twin girls. I’m gonna spend a lot of time in the Man Chair waiting, I reckon.

By the way, in case you’re not up on fantasy character costuming, Jaine is wearing (in order): Kitiara’s armor from The Dragonlance Chronicles; Xena – Warrior Princess‘s armor; Piffany’s robes; and finally her new duds. Members of the Facebook Fan Page got a sneak peak at both Dhur and Jaine’s new wardrobe a little while back, along with a little more background info on our favorite half-breeds. Go check it out and join up, why don’t ya – all the cool kids are doing it.