52 – So, is there a Old Navy around here?

As I’ve established in past posts, I’m the father of 5-year old twins, which means that I see roughly about 2 – 3 movies in an actual movie theater per year. So, I’ve been seeing the ads for that new film, The Lightning Thief, and thought “well, I might as well read the book since I’m never going to get to see the movie.” I bought it on Thursday at about 2:30pm. Fast forward to 11:18PM and I’m done with the book. Nice read, very much a young adults kind of book, but so were the first few Harry Potter books. What I really liked were the modern day “updates ” that some of the Greek gods and creatures were given – for example, Ares is a big, bad-ass biker and satyrs are fervent environmentalists. Go check it out before you see the movie. The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. Good stuff, folks.