57 – Boats. Why did it have to be boats?

Hey, B.A. Barracus didn’t fly, Dhur doesn’t sail.

Here in the Chambers household, we are dealing with viruses aplenty, which is just tons of fun. Really, you should try it. Just take one child, send them to school with a bunch of infected children who like to hug a lot, and watch the fun! It’s similar to hayfever, but since it hit the oldest of the twins, who has a tendency to throw up when she coughs forcefully… well, you have an idea of how my nights have been.

Oh, just in case you’re wondering what that black and white thing is floating next to Jaine’s head, it’s her iOun. There are tons of apps for it and everything! Go here to find out more. If you’re not sure why this is funny, go here.

That’s all I’ve got for now. See you on Friday!