43 – Help Wanted: Cannon Fodder

Here’s a look behind the scenes of MeatShield: I drew the first 40 strips on Bristol board paper with pen and ink, with one exception. I then scanned them in, lettered them on the computer (because years of practice have not yielded any improvement in my hand lettering) and that was that, ready to go.

Then I started using my WACOM tablet. I slow way down on the WACOM tablet when I try to do everything on it, so I told myself that I wouldn’t try to use it for anything other than inking the strip. I kind of forgot that decision this week. In the time it would normally take me to draw three strips, I have just barely managed to crank out ONE. Believe me, I’m kicking myself now, but I’m so far along that to stop now and do it over would be counter-productive. I guess I just needed to be reminded of what ways work best for me and not to try to keep up with the joneses who are drawing their strips on WACOM Cintiqs. *sigh*

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and I’ll see you next week!


P.S. Yes, the guy with the resumé is a tip of the hat to Aaron Williams’ Nodwick, Sorta. My guy is taller, anyhoo.