44 – The Interviews Begin

Today, Dhur and Jaine interview potential party members. Here’s a fun little tidbit: I have no idea what the gender of the character in the last panel is. No clue. Is it a man in drag? Is it a dwarven woman? Is it a really really masculine woman? I drew it and I still have no idea.

I have really been having a ball doing the strip in color and according to the comments last week, you seem to like it too. I just wanted to thank you all for reading and to now ask you for a tiny favor: If you know of anyone who might like a little MeatShield in their lives, let them know about the strip and point them our way. I say “our way” because I feel like we’re all in this together. Just click on the “share” button below each blog post and it’ll give you a whole mess o’ options to tell people about Dhur and Company.  Thanks, everybody. I really appreciate it.