40 – I said, I had a bad experience!

I was reminded of Mos Def explaining to his partners in crime why he doesn’t go up against dogs in The Italian Job when I wrote this headline. I loved that movie –  good brain twinkies, there.

Although I actually launched it yesterday, today you can now find The Facebook Super Neat-o Page in the menu above, or you can click here. Every so often, I’ll be updating the Super Neat-o Page with bonus content, such as maps, dossiers on the characters, even game stats for the main characters. The page is password-protected, so only members of the Fan Page can get access to the password. Why not join the other discriminating and good-looking readers who’ve joined up? If you’re already on Facebook, it’s easy, just go here. If you’re not on Facebook yet, go check it out.

Next Monday – WE GO TO FULL COLOR!! Call your neighbors, tell your friends and all that!