39 – Buzzkill, thy name is Jaine

During my sojourn to foreign lands this recent holiday season (i.e. I went to Texas), the wife and I drove down to Dallas to meet up with the awesome Shanna, whose website link is right over yonder to the left there. Had a great lunch with her and we caught up a bit, she telling me about her writing and me babbling about MeatShield and the things I’m going to do to Jaine and Dhur. Good times were had by all, even though I accidentally headbutted her when I gave her a hug. Sorry, Shanna! 🙂

Shanna had mentioned that the reason why she had joined the Facebook fan page was for the special content I planned on putting up each Friday. I have two reasons why I am not putting that content up as planned :

  1. Facebook’s photo album shrinks everything down to where it’s not legible, and
  2. I don’t have as much of that content as I’d hoped.

When I started this, I had a strip buffer of 40 strips. Over the months, that buffer has been eaten away at until I now have about 4 strips in my buffer – the Christmas trip to TX really did a number on it, so I really need to build that back up again. So, instead of putting up special content every week, I’ll be putting up the extra content at irregular intervals, as I really want to concentrate on the strip itself before any other extras.

Instead of using Facebook’s photo album to show the extra content, though, Facebook fan page members will receive a message with a link to a page on my website with the content. I’ll have that available on Friday.