111 – Even the gods have creepy stalkers

This weekend is the San Diego Comic Con, which I have been to a grand total of once, back in 1987. The only thing I remember from that weekend was that freaky outdoors shopping center near the convention, getting told by Cat Yronwode that my work sucked (I got the last laugh in that – I’m still in comics and she’s not), and meeting tons of cartoonists. The difference between then and now? Back then, you could walk the convention comfortably without feeling like you’re constantly in a Tokyo subway station and you could buy tickets to the con on the day of the con. Fast forward to about 2 years ago: I and two friends from work were going to go down to San Diego for the con and both of them asked me “Do we need to buy tickets in advance?” and I said, “I didn’t the last time I went.” Umm, we didn’t end up going. Fortunately, they still talked to me afterwards.

OK, I’m done rambling. See you on Friday!