123 – Let me do the talking, orc-boy

Just a quick note about the site: over this weekend I will (hopefully) be switching over to using Comicpress for my website instead of Webcomic + Inkblot, as noted waaaaay at the very bottom of the page. My primary motivator for this is the developer deciding to go on indefinite hiatus from working on it and having lost interest in anything having to do with WordPress. You can read his statement here on his forum post.

So, if you visit the site this weekend, it may look very different from what you’re used to until I can get everything figured out. Thanks in advance for your patience, and have a great weekend!


EDIT: I have decided not to switch over to Comicpress at this time because my web design skills are so limited that I need to do a great deal of studying to get them back up to where I need them, but  mostly due to Mike Sisk’s clarification that was posted on Friday. I wish Mike and his family well.