75 – Race Against Time!

OK, this is a bit of an inside joke, so here’s a little peek inside the life of Rob Chambers, Gentleman Cartoonist and Father of Twins: When we give our daughters their weekly bath, whether they need it or not, we let them play with these soft, foam rubber-like letters in the tub until it’s time to let the water out. Instead of me or my wife picking up all these letters after the water goes out, we instead play The Race Against Time, where the girls have until the water runs out to get all the letters back in their plastic jar. I make it more interesting by moving the jar back and forth while humming that song that the people that spin dishes on stands invariably perform to. Anyway, once all the letters are put away, I announce (quite loudly) that they’ve won…. THE RACE AGAINST TIME!!!

Why’d I bring this up? Dhur and Jaine are racing to the docks to catch Prince Jonus. Made sense to me.

See you on Monday!