106 – Maybe the batteries are dead?

Just some random stuff from my life:

D&D: Been running my D&D group through the Scales of War adventure path series of adventures, modified for the world of Eberron. Last night was the closest I’ve ever come to a TPK (Total Party Kill). A good time was had by all, and I felt like I had done an adequate job of presenting the adventure and running the combat. For those of you who know the Scales of War adventure path series, my group is currently halfway through The Siege of Bordrin’s Watch.

Family: Here’s a shocker for you: This week, no one in my family was sick or had to go to the emergency room. I need to find some wood to knock. 🙂

MeatShield: We are winding down on the first true story arc for MeatShield, which in my mind I call “The Quest for the Scepter Thingie.” I might call my first book that, I dunno. I am in the process of wrapping my brain around the next chapter in the lives of Dhur, Jaine and Ch’p. Any suggestions, folks? Write me at rob(at)meatshield(dot)net.

See you next week!