72 – Ghar cheats death

Sorry this got posted so late, folks. If you’ve been following my Twitter feed, you know that my twin girls have been throwing up and just generally not feeling good. However, this morning? Man! Like night and day. “Daddy, we’re hungry!” Gobbled down everything I gave them and kept it down. Go figure.

For those of you reading this who are players of the Dungeons and the Dragons (*grin*), I just recently had a chance to look over the Player’s Handbook 3. I’m not going to go into a huge review on it as there are plenty of places you can find good reviews of it. My quick impression of it is that I like how they did the psionics rules and didn’t simply make them carbon copies of the magic rules, which is what happened with D&D 3.5. The only new class that I can do without is the Ardent. A psionic leader archetype, it just doesn’t sing for me. That’s just a personal choice, however – I didn’t like the Warlord at first blush either, until I saw someone play it. So it may have to be with the Ardent for me as well. However, the psion, battlemind (which is what used to be called a “psychic warrior” in D&D 3.5) and the primal seeker classes are all classes that, if I were to ever get to play again (as opposed to DMing, which is what I do now) would be some serious contenders for my new character. It also has rules for making hybrid characters (or what multiclassing SHOULD have been) and skill powers, some of which are tempting. Overall, a decent (though not astounding) contribution to the 4E lineup.

Grade: B+ (leaning towards A-)