The saga of MeatShield begins as Dhur and Jaine venture to the Duchy of Nitsu'a and begin their adventuring careers.

1 – The Interview

Welcome to the inaugural episode of MeatShield. Hope you guys like it! Here’s the update schedule! Ultimately, I plan to have this comic updating Monday-Wednesday-Friday, but I’m going to build up to that. From now until 10/9/09, this strip will be updated weekly, on Wednesdays. After 10/09/09, it will be twice weekly, on Mondays and […]

2 – Enter The Jaine

First off, thanks for all the cool comments on the first strip, it means a lot to me.  I have been deleting the email addresses associated with the comments so as to protect y’alls  (is that a word?) privacy. If this bothers anyone, let me know. Thanks. Hasta! ~Rob

3 – The Journey Begins

Hey! You’re back! Awesome! Look at you, you webcomic reader, you! Like a lot of people in the Los Angeles area, I’ll be going to the Long Beach Comic Con for its debut outing – hopefully, this will create a San Diego Comic Con-caliber level convention in the LA area. I’ll just be attending – […]

5 – A fixer-upper at best

Got back from the Long Beach Comic Con yesterday and was overall very impressed with the con, given that it was its very first outing. Saw lots of people who really shouldn’t have been in costume and a few who looked pretty good. Heard Berke Breathed talk, whch was awesome, as the man was a […]

6 – Dungeons and… ewww.

Welcome to the first Wednesday strip! I’ve taken my first step into a larger world… This strip contains my wife’s least favorite joke, which I didn’t really understand until I realized that the reader might think that Dhur is… doing something off screen. He’s not. He could be, but he’s not. See you next Monday! […]

7 – Subtlety Shmubtlety

Someone was asking me this past weekend what I do for a living and I answered with “I’m a cartoonist.” It felt good to say that. It felt even better when I didn’t get the usual follow-up question to that which is, “and you make a living doing that?” Instead, I was asked, “So, who […]

9 – Goblins and Beer

Goblins and beer, what a winning combination. And now, in a continuing service, an entry from the Encyclopedia Ardrisia. Goblins Goblins are crafty, vicious little runts (that seem to speak with a variety of British accents for some reason) that like to think that they are the movers and shakers of the world below. Sometimes […]

12 – Yeah… that’ll work!

Dhur’s many things, but a coiner of catchphrases ain’t one of them. My metamorphosis into a webcartoonist is drawing closer to completion, as I’ve been staying up later and later each night, working on the strip. Right now, I’m caught up until early December and I’ve been getting to bed each night at roughly 1:00 […]

13 – Welcome to Casa de Leonid

The frustrating thing about doing a webcomic is that (if you’re lucky) you’re working at least a few weeks ahead, which means you can’t talk a whole lot about what you’re working on NOW.  That being said, may I now present Duke Leonid the 17th, or Leo to his friends. This week marks the start […]

18 – Philacta-whatty?

I’m taking a page out of my buddy Tom Beland’s book and am offering sketches for the holidays! Have your friends, family or your favorite comic book or D&D characters immortalized in art, or something like that. Here are the particulars: • Sketches are $25 per character in the sketch, plus s&h. • Sketches are […]

19 – It’s Getting Good!

When I sit down to write my characters, I often hear a specific voice for their dialogue. While Jaine is not the comic strip representation of my wife, I often hear my wife’s voice when Jaine speaks in my head. Dhur? I have yet to get a handle on him. Sometimes Dhur’s Keanu Reeves (only […]

20 – Hanging with the Drow

If I could change the tone of the site for just a moment, I’d like to ask everyone reading this a favor. My best friend’s father is in dire straits. He’s suffering from liver cancer and is in Indianapolis right now, as they were told that the waiting list for a transplant was shorter there. […]

21- Who Needs Dignity?

In a continuing public service, we now present a brief entry from the Encyclopedia Ardrisia: Lich The Lich (pronounced LITCH) is the most feared, most dangerous of all the undead. Whereas a vampire comes about by being bitten by another vampire (which begs the question, which came first, the vampire or the bite?) and zombies […]

22 – Thunkity-thunk!

Not much with this post, just a quick question: how do I go about starting a Facebook fan page for MeatShield? I have no clue – do I need a new account specifically for MeatShield, or will my private one work? I swear, sometimes I feel like I ride the short bus in life, especially […]

24 – Smackety-Bang

I write this to you from the past… about two days ago, on Tuesday night. I hope that you and yours had a great Thanksgiving if you celebrate Thanksgiving where you live – to my Canadian friends, I’ll catch you on October 11, 2010. On Thanksgiving, you’re supposed to be thankful for the good things […]

26 – Who turned off the lights?

Today, my inner critic decided to have a little conversation with me. It went something like this: Inner Critic (IC): “Her hair doesn’t work.” Me: What? IC: “Jaine’s hair. That hairdo can’t possibly exist in the real world.” Me: Ummmm…. IC: “I mean, did you even LOOK at any women’s hairstyles before you drew her? […]

27 – The Softer Side of Dhur

This was one of the first jokes I came up with when MeatShield was first rumbling around my noggin. I just had this vision of this fighter saying “Blood will be spilled today! I shall join you momentarily!” then he goes back to his room and finished work on that doily or whatever that he’s […]

28 – Visit Scenic Kilanio!

You know how sometimes your plans don’t quite work out as well as you hoped? That’s what happened to me with the Facebook Fan Page extra that I posted on Friday. I had hoped to post a file a week there, fleshing out the world of MeatShield, only to find that Facebook displays their graphic […]