14 – Like, Dude, It’s Like, Not Cool And Stuff!

I was checking the Google Analytics for this site and since I started tracking the site on 9/26/09, I’ve had exactly 400 visits to MeatShield! Yay! I know a lot of other sites have a lot higher numbers than that, but I don’t care! I’m kind of like Mike Wyzowski in Monsters Inc. when he’s in the commercial for the company and his face appears for a millisecond before it’s obscured by the Monsters Inc. logo. He doesn’t think about how he only appeared briefly, he’s just overjoyed that he was on TV, focusing only on the positive. I’m kind of like that in that 400 visits is a lot of visits, and I appreciate that you all come by every other day (or whenever) to check out my scribblings. From the bottom of my heart, thanks for reading, folks. 🙂

See you on Friday!