3 – The Journey Begins

Hey! You’re back! Awesome! Look at you, you webcomic reader, you!

Like a lot of people in the Los Angeles area, I’ll be going to the Long Beach Comic Con for its debut outing – hopefully, this will create a San Diego Comic Con-caliber level convention in the LA area. I’ll just be attending – a little early for me to get a table and start hawking my (non-existent) wares. However, I could use a little advice on how to approach two people that will be official guests at the con.

Berke Breathed created a groundbreaking comic strip back in the 1980s called Bloom County. To say that his work was an influence on me is an understatement. He will be making his first convention appearance ever (as far as I know). I imagine the line to meet him will be hellaciously long, but I am still worried about what to say to him.

Dave Kellett is also going to be at the con and he is an influence on me vis-a-vis the idea to take my work to the web.  I *love* his strip,  Sheldon, which is an all-ages strip about a boy, his gramps and his duck. I wish I did a strip like that, but it’s already being done, and far better than I would have done it. He and three other webcartoonists wrote a book called How to Make Webcomics and I’ve been wracking my brains to come up with questions to ask him that weren’t covered in the book.

As you can see, I tend to overthink things sometimes.  Anyways, thanks for all the great comments, and we’ll see you next week!