18 – Philacta-whatty?

I’m taking a page out of my buddy Tom Beland’s book and am offering sketches for the holidays! Have your friends, family or your favorite comic book or D&D characters immortalized in art, or something like that.

Here are the particulars:

• Sketches are $25 per character in the sketch, plus s&h.
• Sketches are on 8.5″ x 11″ bristol board, inked with brush pen and colored in colored pencils.
• For pictures of “real” people, I will need photo reference (at least 3 photos, including a side view), as well as a few sentences about them (i.e. Ray’s a scuba diver, Sue’s a competitive eater, Paul’s a massive Star Wars geek, Dave is a hunter, etc.)
• You’d think this would go without saying, but I have to say it anyway (sigh): I will NOT draw any adult material.
• I use Paypal for payment. Local customers (those living in/near the Santa Clarita Valley) can arrange to meet in person and avoid any shipping fees.
• Orders are first-come, first-serve. Cut-off date will be December 10th, as I’ll be en route to Texas after the 17th and I need time to work my magic 🙂
• If interested, send me an email at rob@meatshield.net.