19 – It’s Getting Good!

When I sit down to write my characters, I often hear a specific voice for their dialogue. While Jaine is not the comic strip representation of my wife, I often hear my wife’s voice when Jaine speaks in my head. Dhur? I have yet to get a handle on him. Sometimes Dhur’s Keanu Reeves (only his voice is deeper and he’s doing the Ted character from the Bill&Ted movies), sometimes he’s me. Now, Duke Leo? Easy: He’s Harvey Fierstein, which is why Leo has those smoky black word ballons and weird font. Time will tell what other voices will crowd my head – besides the ones that were there already, that is 🙂

By the way, I just recently added a “tip jar” to the site. If you like the strip, why not ensure that I am in steady supply of caffeine, a key ingredient in the production of MeatShield? I mean, a WACOM Cintiq would be great too, but the coffee will do 😉 The link will take you to PayPal and anything you feel contributing would be super awesome. Thanks in advance, and thanks for reading the strip!

See you all on Wednesday!