20 – Hanging with the Drow

If I could change the tone of the site for just a moment, I’d like to ask everyone reading this a favor.

My best friend’s father is in dire straits. He’s suffering from liver cancer and is in Indianapolis right now, as they were told that the waiting list for a transplant was shorter there. Well, it turns out that there are 4 tumors on his liver and there could be many more that are microvascular, which means that, if he got a transplant, the anti-rejection medication he would  have to take for the rest of his life would also weaken his immune system so much that it would encourage new tumors to grow from the microscopic ones, which is a long way of saying that he’s been disqualified for a liver transplant. He’s too weak for chemo and now he can’t even get back home to Los Angeles because he can’t fly on a commercial flight due to his condition. Even Angel Flight won’t take him home because he brings in too much money from his retirement, and private medical flights costs start at $20K and aren’t covered by insurance.

All I’m asking for are prayers, or sending good vibrations, or whatever you feel comfortable doing. Not asking for money or anything, just healing for my best friend and his family and easement of pain for his father, who has always been like a second father to me.