7 – Subtlety Shmubtlety

Someone was asking me this past weekend what I do for a living and I answered with “I’m a cartoonist.” It felt good to say that. It felt even better when I didn’t get the usual follow-up question to that which is, “and you make a living doing that?” Instead, I was asked, “So, who do you work for?” Since I live in the Los Angeles area, it’s not uncommon to run into people who are animators with Disney, Dreamworks, etc. It felt nice to be able to say “I work for myself.” Just thought I’d share that.

So, in case it may have escaped your attention (I can’t see how it might have, but you never know) Meatshield is loosely based on fantasy role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons. I am toying with the idea of providing an “extras” part of the website for things like desktop images, avatar graphics, and character sheet write-ups of both Jaine and Dhur. What do you folks think? Drop me a line at rob(at)meatshield(dot)net and let me know what you’d like to see there.

See you Wednesday!