8 – Steve Jobs’ Next Project

Here’s a little glimpse into how my brain works. When I was planning the start of this webcomic, I approached the creation of my buffer of strips in a very assembly line kind of way. First came the writing of 40 or so strips, then back to strip #1 for the rough sketches, then back again for all the lettering, pencils and finally inks, followed by scanning the strip in and slapping it up on the web for all to enjoy. Only one problem, though; once I got to the scanning part of it, I would look back at my older art and say, “Man, that strip really stank to high heaven. I can do a LOT better now. I should just redraw it and–” which is about the time that my wife would hit me with a rolled up newspaper (figuratively) and say,”What are you, nuts? If you do that, you’ll redraw all of them and you’ll never get this thing launched.” Which I guess is why I married her: she has common sense and I don’t. I do, on the other hand, know how many types of kryptonite there are and what they do. You gotta have priorities in life. 😉

Thanks for reading, and see you next Monday!