12 – Yeah… that’ll work!

Dhur’s many things, but a coiner of catchphrases ain’t one of them.

My metamorphosis into a webcartoonist is drawing closer to completion, as I’ve been staying up later and later each night, working on the strip. Right now, I’m caught up until early December and I’ve been getting to bed each night at roughly 1:00 AM. Mind you, I am nowhere near Danielle Corsetto’s class, as she seems to regularly stay up till dawn working on her awesome strip, Girls with Slingshots, (man, I envy her linework) but I’m getting there. Don’t know if I should be aiming for that or not. 🙂

By the way, if you haven’t seen Scott Christian Sava’s amazing strip The Dreamland Chronicles you really should take time out and give it a shot. Scott’s a fellow father of twins (he has twin boys, I have twin girls, both about the same age, I think). It’s very family friendly, well written  and simply gorgeous to look at.

That’s it for me. More randomness next Monday, when we start up our new update schedule of Monday-Wednesday-Friday. See you Monday!