29 – How about some Fried Squid Sliders?

Man, don’t tick off Jaine – she’ll go off on you when you least expect it.

The funny thing is, here I am trying to come up with things that’d make you throw up if you have a hangover (i.e. squid sliders) and I’ve never been drunk. Not once. I’ve had a very slight buzz, but that’s about it. I am the world’s worst drinker in that if you give me, say, a beer and then check on me about two hours later, that beer will be maybe halfway gone. Not saying that makes me better than anyone or anything, I just don’t think about it too much.

Sliders. I love how what was once the name of a pitch in baseball and also a FOX TV show about alternate realities is now a name for tiny hamburgers on really thick mini-buns. Because (insert old man voice here) that’s how they get ‘ya! They make the mini-buns thick so they don’t have to use as much meat! I swear, back in my day…… (incoherent rambling).”