28 – Visit Scenic Kilanio!

You know how sometimes your plans don’t quite work out as well as you hoped? That’s what happened to me with the Facebook Fan Page extra that I posted on Friday. I had hoped to post a file a week there, fleshing out the world of MeatShield, only to find that Facebook displays their graphic files very, very small. The dossier I wrote for Dhur was almost illegible and I wasn’t at all happy with it. So, what we’ll do is post those extra files on Saturdays on this site instead. I’ll start by posting the expanded map of the continent of Ardris, followed by Dhur’s dossier. From there, who knows?

If anyone knows how to make the photos in the Facebook photo album bigger (without requiring people to download a plug-in), by all means drop me a line, I’m clueless 🙂 Thanks, and I’ll see you on Wednesday!