10 – Careful what you wish for, Jaine.

In a continuing public service, we now present a brief entry from the Encyclopedia Ardrisia:


The Elves and Humans have been on good terms (for the most part) for the past 200 years or so. Given that, half-elves come about “when a human and an elf mommy or daddy love each other very much.” While not commonplace, half-elves are common enough that they are often considered members of both communities, which makes the holidays an absolute burden, let me tell you. However, the old stereotype of ‘the half-breed outsider with their feet in two worlds while belonging in neither’ is still a prevalent one. Physically, half-elves are slighter of build than humans, yet sturdier than the elves, who quite frankly number among them specimens that would fall over in a stiff breeze, so take that for what you will. Half-Elves often excel at the performing arts and the magics relating to it, which baffles elves to no end, since (in the elven mind) magic is a serious study of a lifetime and not to be wielded to conduct a puppet show with dinner rolls. Half-elves tend to be too pretty, male and female alike, although there have been exceptions (see entry on Rasag the Unfortunate, forthcoming).
The Encyclopedia Ardrisia , volume 12 (Gronsoth to HurdyGurdy), Kilanio University Press, 48th edition.

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