553 – It’s all a matter of perspective

As I said in the last blog post, my trusty iMac (which turned out to be seven years old, not three – how time flies!) died on me. The logic board was the culprit. It would have cost nearly the same amount to fix it than to buy a new computer. Ergo…

NewMac2015If I can impart any computing wisdom to you all, it’s this: Back up your data regularly and in more than one location. In my case, I had my trusty external hard drive (“Ray-Ray” – in the picture, you’ll see him being watched over by Bumblebee) with a fairly recent Time Machine backup, and I also had backed all my cartoons up to Dropbox. Dropbox saved my butt right there. Well worth the $10.00/month.

I recycled the computer at the Apple Store (after pulling the hard drive, never fear), so there’s no environmental guilt on my part because I know it’ll be recycled correctly. True, I’m now in debt up to my adam’s apple, but – Hey! New Shiny Thing! Yay!

Take care,