554 – “There ain’t no water to sail on here, anyways!”

And now, in a continuing service, an entry from the Encyclopedia Ardrisia.


Long ago, the gods gathered together to create the world. Each god or goddess created one sentient race that embodied their hopes, dreams, and in some case, hobbies. Terron created the Giants, Grundhar Ghall created the Orcs, and Vasra, god of serpents and secrets, created the Wyrms.

Wyrms resemble modern dragons except for three crucial differences:

  1. They are wingless, yet are able to fly. Many scholars, when asked how this is possible, usually just shrug and say, “Magic.”
  2. They are over five times larger than the average dragon. One of the Wyrms, Igneonak, was once mistaken for a small mountain range.
  3. They are moodier than a 15-year-old human. Nobody gets them, man.

This last difference proved to be their undoing. After centuries of tolerating the Wyrms’ bad poetry and sullen silences broken only by repeated cries of “You don’t know me!”, “I didn’t ask to be born!” and “You are sooooo stupid!”, Vasra finally had enough and consigned them all to the Elemental Planes, which has long been allegedly seen by the gods as the cosmic dustbin, and started over with the dragons.

The few remaining Wyrms have grown powerful over the ages, becoming mighty, covetous and extremely touchy. Wyrms have been described as being like extraordinarily cranky housecats, except that the cat in question can lay waste to entire cities if you tick it off.

It is believed that there were as many as 30 Wyrms still alive somewhere among the Elemental Planes, but the only ones known to still be alive include the following:

  1. Aeronoss, The Unending Storm
  2. Igneonak, The Pyre of Mountains
  3. Indigar, The Claw of Darkness
  4. Gelidek, the Icy Death.

The Encyclopedia Ardrisia , volume 51 (Windhaven to Wyrdling Stew), Kilanio University Press, 48th edition.