552 – I’m sorry, were you saying something?

UPDATE: I spoke too soon. I sat down at my trusty, barely 3 years old iMac to do some standard social media stuff and after being on for about an hour, it decided to shut itself off. Then it refused to start back up again, even after (alert: Mac computer geek speak ahead) resetting the PRAM, resetting the SMC and even after praying a whole bunch. Right now, my Mac is sitting in the local Apple Store, awaiting parts that MAY arrive by next Tuesday. It is either a defective power button, which is the cheaper fix, or it’s the logic board, which will run me around $800 to replace.

  I’m still going to do my darnedest to get more MeatShield strips drawn ( thankfully, my iPad is still functioning), but the schedule may be a little cattywampus until I get the computer back.

Looks like Philo’s taking Dhur’s advice to heart. The poor sap.

Good news, everyone (yeah, I heard Prof. Farnsworth’s voice in my head too)! In years past, I have put the strip on hiatus during the last two weeks of December and the first week of January. This year, that will not happen! I am actually *gasp* working ahead to ensure that you have fresh MeatShield cartoons every week over the holidays! Yay!

Take care,