446 – MeatShield — Year Five!

Woo-hoo! Today marks the fifth anniversary of MeatShield! Back in ’09, I started this little strip with a couple of jokes in my head and a song in my heart. Well, that’s partly true, except for the song part. I can’t sing – or rather, I can sing, but it tends to make small children cry.

Anyway, since 2009, more and more people have been reading the strip and for that I am extraordinarily grateful. Last year, I had posted a video outlining some of my future plans for the strip. Some of them have come true, some of them have been put to the back burner temporarily, and some have kind of been forgotten by me. Mea culpa 🙂 I don’t have a video for you today, but I will have a more in-depth post later on about where I would like the strip to go. Until Wednesday, thank you very much for reading. I could not have done any of this without you!

Take care,