445 – Roadside Distractions

As I said last time, I was going to write my Dungeon World review in this blog post. However, I will be playing Dungeon World again this weekend with my usual gaming group and I wanted to have a second session under my belt before I actually weighed in with my opinion. My preliminary opinion; Dungeon World seems to be a very fun game that moves very quickly, but seems a little light when it comes to the details.


I’m going to take this next week off, as I really need the time to do more writing and to get a buffer of strips behind me. I hate to do this, but my productivity has truly suffered over the past couple of weeks and I want to get back to producing more MeatShield strips for you on a regular basis, instead of once or twice a week. At the moment, I do not have a buffer of strips at all, which makes things difficult when I have family emergencies, I get sick, my kids get sick, etc.

Thanks for understanding everybody. New strips will be up on September 9th, which coincidentally happens to be the anniversary date of MeatShield. I started MeatShield four years ago on September 9, 2009.

For those of my readers in United States, have a happy Labor Day weekend, and for the rest of you, well, have a happy weekend anyway 😉

Take care,