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And now, in a continuing service, an entry from the Encyclopedia Ardrisia…


Darvana is the goddess of luck, humanity, fate, and adventure. Darvana is much beloved by most humans throughout Ardris; she is commonly acknowledged to be the creator of humanity. When she chooses to manifest herself on the material plane, Darvana often appears as a willowy attractive woman in her mid-20s, with flowing golden hair hanging down to her waist. Darvana has been known to associate herself with mortal adventurers that please her, disguising herself as one of them (usually as a cleric, a sage, or some other commonly seen figure within an adventuring party). However, the fact that she is a goddess (to whom money means nothing) does not mean that she doesn’t insist on her fair share of the treasure. It’s the principle of the thing.

As the goddess of luck and fate, Darvana can be… fickle. Darvana will often bestow her blessings to adventurers simply based on the fact that one of them was wearing a truly smashing outfit that day, or because one of them was singing a song that she happened to like. If any god or goddess were to be said to have a case of attention deficit disorder, Darvana would be it. She has been known to accidentally let her own adventuring priests suffer horrible deaths simply because she was not paying attention.Thus, although almost all humans (with the exception of those paladins worshiping Kelamane, the god of justice) worship Darvana and pray to her nightly for the betterment of their lives, very few actually expect anything to truly happen. In the true spirit of a worshiper of Darvana, most of these people are simply hedging their bets, which she respects. We think.

SCRIBE’S ADDENDUM: Any further speculation into the nature of the divine personification of luck and fate is not advised. Especially not to any future scribes of the Encyclopedia Ardrisia, as this particular scribe is still recovering from the flux that he was afflicted with two weeks ago after writing the above entry.

The Encyclopedia Ardrisia , Volume 5 (Daactor’s Uncontrollable Sneeze to Duur, Slayer of the Living), Kilanio University Press, 48th edition.

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