380 – A little note from home

To quote Dhur, “DANG!” My productivity has slowed to a crawl and it’s all because of my stupid, stupid ear. Specifically, my left inner ear, which is infected and has been slapping me upside the head with bouts of vertigo for the past two weeks or so. I mean vertigo like you’re standing on a merry-go-round spinning at about 40 MPH. I’m getting better, but the primary treatment is 1) fluids, and 2) bedrest. Thus, not a lot of comics lately. In the DC Comics universe, there’s a minor villain called Count Vertigo whose power was to, you guessed it, cause vertigo in others. I remember reading that and thinking, “Man, what a crappy power! What’s next, a supervillain that causes hangnails?” No more do I think that. I don’t care if you’re Superman or Wolverine, if you can’t even stand up, you can’t fight for a hill of beans.

OOO! Before I forget, Sept. 9th is coming up! What does that mean to you, you might ask? Well, it’s just the third anniversary of MeatShield! Yay! However, it falls on a Sunday, so no comic on that day. The following Monday will have something suitably cool, so look for that!

See you all Friday!