379 – The Inn of the Moaning Lungfish

Real life intruded this week, folks. Big Time.

First off, the bad stuff: the vertigo from my inner ear infection has persisted all week, with varying degrees of severity. Since it’s viral, the only thing I can do is get bedrest (spent all day Monday in bed and off and on throughout most of the week), fluids, and just wait it out. Ugh.

Now, the good stuff: I (and my family) are moving! We’re finally getting out of the apartment we’ve been in for the past 2 1/2 years and renting a house in the same town. The most awesomest thing (to me) is that I will FINALLY get my own studio! Right now, MeatShield Central takes up a small corner of my living room. The owner of the house we’re renting is a sound engineer, so she needed a SOUND-PROOF studio, which will now become the home of Brain Fever Studios (a.k.a. Me)!

We move in near the end of September, so now we PACK. A lot. Lots of little girl toys and clothes, lots of books (both grown-up and children’s). This means that strip updates will be sporadic towards the end of the month – I’ll keep you all posted. Speaking of which, there won’t be a strip on Monday in observance of Labor Day.

By the way, thanks to everyone who voted for my episode in the TGT Tournament Finals! I didn’t win, dang it, but it was really great to get all the way to the Finals! Also, to everyone coming to MeatShield by way of that interview, welcome! Oh, and yes, the Jack Kirby story is 100% true. Would that it were not. 🙂

Take care, all!