378 – My name is Aeofel – -err, Philonoth!

The blog post title refers to the Penny Arcade/PVP D&D Podcasts put out by Wizards of the Coast. Wil Wheaton plays in these games as eladrin avenger Aeofel, whose name always gets shortened to “Al.” Kind of the outrage I was going for there.

I made it to the Finals of the TGT Tournament! I really need your votes every  hour to make a go of it, and currently I’m getting clobbered. Click here to vote for my episode. You can vote once every hour. Voting ends on August 31st.!

Well, I took last week off to rest up my drawing hand, which had been having some carpal tunnel problems and no sooner does it get better and *BAM* I’m hit with an inner ear infection on Friday, which has made walking VERY difficult. It feels like I’m standing on a fast merry-go-round with my eyes closed. No fun. It’s viral, so there are no antibiotics I can take – just have to ride it out. I have some medicine that is supposed to help with the vertigo, but it’s hit or miss. I should have the other two cartoons up this week, but if there’s a delay, you’ll know why.

Take care,