381 – Dhur’s like an onion – lots of layers

Not sure where Philo got that shirt? Go back to this strip and look in the lower right corner.

I have a favor to ask of those of you who are so inclined: Tom Racine, who is the host of the most excellent Tall Tales Radio podcast, has had an IndieGoGo fundraiser going for the past month or so, which is now in its final days. IndieGoGo is kind of like Kickstarter, except the funds can be used for anything, whereas Kickstarter has strrict rules about the funds donated having to go towards a particular project. Tom is trying to raise enough cash so that he can purchase a new Mac laptop, as the one he uses now is about 10 years out of date or so. He’s also trying to raise some funds to offset travel expenses to the various conventions that he does his interviews at. While I’ve never been on his show (HINT HINT TOM! 🙂 ), Tom puts out quality product on a regular basis, even if he does root for the Padres (no one’s perfect;). Go check out his IndieGoGo page, maybe go to his site and give his podcasts a listen, and think about flinging a few bucks his way. Thanks :).

Given how everything seems to have been pushed back by one day due to my stupid ear, I *hope* to have Monday’s 3rd anniversary strip done on time.  That is all for now. Have a great weekend, everybody!