280 – The Thick Plottens

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby present the winner of the Second Annual MeatShield Sketch Contest….

Jennifer Hansen!

Here is Jennifer’s winning funny in-game moment:

We were playing (IIRC) first edition AD&D and we were facing the Really Big Baddie, who was laughing maniacally and casting massive spells at us. He had, of course, already sent his army of Less Big Baddies at us to use up our spells and ammo. All of the spellcasters were down except me–and all I had was healing magic–and our wizard, who was looking frantic. We were headed for a heroic last stand. Our DM liked heroic last stands a whole lot.

Suddenly the guy playing the wizard grabbed his PH, flipped it open, and shoved it at the DM. “I cast this spell,” he said.

The DM stared. “What, you’re running out on the party? You know you won’t be out of range fast enough–”

“No, no, I cast it THERE.” And he stabbed his finger into the air about a hundred scale feet above the miniature representing the Big Bad.

“What? What? No. You can’t. No!”

“Look, does the spell description mention a direction?”

” . . . No.” (Grudgingly.)

“Okay, then. Mount!”

And a very surprised horse appeared about a hundred feet directly above the bad guy and squished him into the ground.

The rest of us stared in shock, then fell about laughing. “What?” I gasped. “No p-pot of p-petunias?”

Best. Climactic. Battle. Ever.

Jennifer, thanks for the great story that strangely mirrors one of my own:  a buddy of mine ran a wild mage in 2nd Ed. that would cast Wall of Stone using the same tactic your friend used. He eventually researched a wild magic spell of his own called Dalinor’s Unpredictable Anvil Chorus, replacing the walls falling from the skies with anvils of varying size and number. Truly, a wonder to behold… from a safe distance, that is.

Thanks to everyone that entered! We’ll have to do this again next year!

See you all on Monday!