148 – Me gots all sorts of stuff!


Ideally, this cartoon would have been posted on Wednesday at about 1:30pm, which is when I noticed that I had accidentally deleted about 3/4 of my cartoon AND had saved it in that state. Grr.

By the way, the contents of Blue’s store:  The Sorting Hat, Captain America’s Shield a Mac Color Classic, Mjolnir, a weird red bottle, a fin goblin skull, a jar of Green Death, Pete’s Wicked Ale, Frank, and something you dare not look at. 😉

One last thing: per a very good suggestion by a MeatShield reader that goes by the handle Auth Mal, I am in the process of numbering my comic posts, as a good number of you folks read the strip at work and it’s kinda hard to remember where you left off when going through the archives without a system like that. It’ll take a little while to rename all 150 of them (!), so hang in there. 🙂