149 – Hey, she IS a bard!

Happy Friday, everyone!

and now….

The Results of the Blue Hand Troll Contest!

Wow, this was really tough, as there were so many good entries. Seriously, you guys outdid yourselves. In the end, I had to make a decision, but it’s one I hope you’ll appreciate: there are TWO winners. One of the entries actually addressed something that I hadn’t even mentioned, Blue’s roof, and did so in a way very in keeping with this goofy strip. I felt it criminal, criminal I say, to not recognize it as well. The winners are:

  • Grimlock13, and
  • Kywitt!

So, here is what happens next. The winners need to email me at rob(at)meatshield(dot)net with their sketch request, along with a mailing address. The parameters of the sketch are as follows: One full body  black-and-white sketch of a character of your choice, doing whatever you’d like (within reason – i.e. no porn). The sketch will be on 9″x12″ Bristol Board paper.

Honorable mentions include the following:

  • Mike Sisk,
  • Cos-Man, and
  • Alex Wilk

Hey! Honorable Mentions! Got a surprise for you! I didn’t want to let your hard work go unrewarded, so you guys will also get a smaller sketch, portrait only (head and shoulders) of the character of your choice, on 4.5″ x 6″ Bristol board! So send me them thar emails! I got some sketchin’ to do!

Here’s the now canon story on Blue Hand Troll’s hand (paraphrased and edited, of course 🙂 :

Why is Blue Hand Troll’s hand blue?

As a troll, Blue can regenerate its limb or reattach them when cut. As a member of a “civilized” troll tribe, he must go on a quest of initiation  to earn his grown-up name. During his travels in the far north,  near the summit of Mount Cuiroch (a destination picked by following the indications of a small arrow floating in a round box) he ran afoul of a crazed ice troll who attacked him. In his attempt to escape, he triggered a huge avalanche and lost his arm in it. After digging himself out of the snow, he managed to find what he thought was his arm and reattached it before returning home. Because of his colorblindness, he discovered his mistake only when he returned to his village. Since then, he has been known as Blue Hand.

Why is there a hole in his roof?

There’s a hole in the roof because Blue-hand was trying to patch it up (again) with his world famous roofing tar (tweaked from a cupcake recipe). Since his blue hand wasn’t actually his to begin with, it altered his balance and he fell through the roof, making an even larger hole. Instead of fixing the hole, he has decided to call a “design feature.”

This was a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone who entered the contest – we’ll have to do this again!

Have a great weekend, everyone!